Password protect

Protecting pages using plain PHP

February 1st, 2013


"Password Protect" represented my initial venture into developing a partially commercial solution. Motivated by my growing proficiency in PHP, I recognized a need for securing different web pages. This realization led to the creation of "Password Protect," a modest application that I marketed on CodeCanyon for a few years. This application allowed users to easily upload the tool. Once uploaded, access to a setup.php file became available, housing a user-friendly wizard designed to guide them through the setup process and the protection of specific pages.

A feature in the tool was a safeguard mechanism against brute-force attacks. After multiple unsuccessful sign-in attempts, an automatic IP blocking mechanism was triggered, imposing a default 10-minute block. However, the tool's most compelling selling point likely was its ability to save data within configuration files, eliminating the need for a dedicated database. While this approach might be considered a notable drawback, it was well-suited for the tool's target audience of smaller personal websites that just required quick authentication.

On the whole, the application received a positive response, amassing a commendable rating of 4.67 out of 5 and achieving a total of 287 sales. During this period, I also actively engaged with various individuals, offering assistance in implementing the tool seamlessly on their respective websites.

Below are some screenshots of the application: