Unella Bot

February 10th, 2020


This project was made in collaboration with a dear friend (@kazimirzak)

Unella is a bot that can be added to a Discord server to help enforce rules and punish users who break them. The bot has a list of commands that can only be used by server administrators, such as "Shame on" to timeout a user for a certain amount of time, "Absolve" to remove a user's timeout, and "Who are thy sinners?" to see a list of users who are currently on timeout. Non-admin users can use commands like "have i sinned?" to check if they are currently on timeout in any servers and "i repent for my sins" to reduce their timeout if the server administrator has enabled this feature. Unella uses a text and voice channel to communicate with users and enforce timeouts, and administrators can use the "setup unella" command to recreate these channels if they are accidentally deleted.